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Providing your wellness business, charity, or not for profit organisation with your very own marketing copy partner.

Copywriting Support to:

  • Help you effectively communicate with your customers and ideal clients

  • Give you a consistent online presence

  • Connect you with your target audience 

Light up your words with some

Torchlight Marketing magic

Do you need marketing copy...

Coffee kick starts the copywriting process for owner Zoe Bishop

To grow your organisation and attract your target audience

so they’ll want to know more about you and how you can help?

Pretty stationery helps the creative process

To develop stronger relationships with existing customers


and keep your organisation at the forefront of their minds? 

Freelance copywriter Zoe Bishop coming up with copywriting ideas

To showcase your organisation and highlight your successes… 

so you can demonstrate how you've made a difference?

Pen pot, cactus and plate on a desk

Ready to go


so you can get back to what you love doing and stay focused on your wellbeing services and products ?  


When you sign me up as your Marketing Copy Partner, you’ll never have to look at the dreaded cursor staring back at you with a blank screen wondering where to start.

Torchlight Marketing Torch
Torchlight Marketing Torch
Torchlight Marketing Torch
Torchlight Marketing Torch

Instead you’ll have:


Interest from those who want to know more about YOUR ORGANISATION.


A growing engaged audience who can see YOUR SERVICE OR PRODUCT working in their life.

A network that looks forward to YOUR MESSAGES.

More repeat business and commitment from YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMERS & SERVICE USERS.

"Zoë understands my target audience and has a real gift for quality writing and illustrating different angles through her unique creative style.”

Natalie Moulden, Base North Marketing

Whatever marketing copy you need I’m here to make it shine.

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