Owned and run by Zoë Bishop, below is a bit of bio and the story of Torchlight Marketing in her own words...


I always had a love for marketing since studying it as part of my A-Level Media Studies, so I went to the University of Luton (now University of Bedfordshire) to study Advertising and Marketing Communications which at the time was one of the only courses available in this area.


As well as a love of marketing, I have always loved sport and staying fit. So after 4 years of working with McGraw-Hill Education in their marketing team gaining lots of valuable marketing skills (that I still use today!), I decided to go back to school (London MET University) and did an MA in Sports Management.


I believed I could make something I loved to do into a career (which would come back to me again later in life). After a brief stint at Wycombe Wanderers FC, I became Community and PR Officer for London Irish RFC. I enjoyed 4 years there and left the position of Community Marketing Manager to go to Fulham Football Club Foundation as their Business Development Manager.



Eventually, having to work weekends and the delightful M25 commute took its toll. For my sanity, I needed something closer to home. So I found a local job 5 miles from home with national charity Coeliac UK. It was another change of direction but still within the commercial sector and promoting the charities marketing opportunities to the gluten-free food sector.


Nothing can prepare you for being a Mum. No matter how much you read, research or ask questions. I was lucky enough to have two wonderful daughters and two wonderful maternity bubble years. I always knew I wanted to continue working though, being a Mum doesn’t stop you, just makes you rethink your priorities. Whilst off with baby number two I got asked by a friend to do a few bits of marketing consulting work…this got me thinking…AGAIN. Maybe I could do something like that?....



….So I set up my own company and in September 2017 Torchlight Marketing was born. BUT going 100% freelance wasn’t immediate…in fact, it took over 2 years of continuing to work at Coeliac UK 3 days a week, doing bits of associate work, managing a couple of new clients, completing The Pinterest Game Plan course, whilst still trying to be a Mum to my two daughters (oh did I mention playing netball too).


Fast forward to September 2019. It was, time to go it alone. Childcare factors, turning 40 and determined not to be haunted by the "What-if’s"of life, I started Torchlight Marketing full time.

So why write this all down? Marketing is all about telling stories so I wanted to tell mine and get my personality across. I am ambitious. I make decisions. I follow my dreams.



In September 2020 I celebrated my first year of being 100% freelance. It's been a journey and I'm delighted to be able to tell the tale and continue to support SMEs with their marketing needs.

I’d love to use my marketing expertise to help guide your business. If you like what you’ve read check out my services. You can also see examples of my work and hear from those whom I’ve worked with.