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Here to help you feel encouraged, confident and positive so you can get the best out of every day!

❓Do YOU lack self-confidence, consistency and focus in your life?

❓Would YOU like your very own cheerleader and regular doses of positivity and inspiration?

❓Are YOU constantly comparing yourself with others instead of focusing on YOU?

❓Would YOU like to make an investment that you can utilise for the rest of your life and finally make space for some YOU time?

❓Do YOU use time as an excuse to not do certain things?

You can tackle all of these!

Using these materials to spur you on

  • 8 ‘Weekly Spark’ emails delivered to your inbox every Sunday evening

  • 8 ‘Fire Up’ encouragement videos focusing on the weekly lesson to access and play at the beginning of the week or whenever you want

  • 8 sets of journal prompts to use daily across your (working) week

  • Over 30 affirmation statements to support your 8-week journey

  • 8 inspirational lesson-based quotes shared digitally with you

  • 6 worksheets/exercises to get you to think further about this week's lesson

  • A5 notebook welcome gift

You’ll also be able to access The Graduate Encouragement Programme exclusively for those who have completed the first course

What's included?

Over eight weeks you’ll be able to work on yourself and by the end feel:

✅More confident

✅More positive


✅Empowered to reframe negativity


✅Proud of YOURSELF 

And of course…


You can choose to do the programme individually, as part of a group or build a bespoke package.

Through my eight-week Torchlight Encourager Programme you’ll learn more about the power of:

✔️CONSISTENCY and the role it plays in life and why it’s so important

👍 BEING INTENTIONAL and the difference it can make in your life

🙏GRATITUDE and how it can impact your outlook

🗨️SELF TALK and how to silence your inner critic

💜LOVING YOURSELF and how to take time out to work on yourself without feeling guilty

😴RESTING & PAUSING to confidently take time out and listen to your body

⏰TIME & HABITS so you can stop being the victim of time 

🪞REFLECTING & CELEBRATING  understanding how this practice encourages you to grow as a person


This is for you if you like to learn in a group environment and want to share your eight week journey with others. There’s a maximum of four participants per group.

Group programmes will run on these dates in 2024:

🗓️7th July 2024

🗓️15th September 2024

What's included?

  • In addition to the course materials this package also includes:

  • One weekly hour-long group Zoom call (takes place on the same day/time) where you can discuss the current theme alongside your fellow participants.

  • One weekly WhatsApp group check-in for continued support

  • 10% off any purchase on the Blessed Before You’re Dressed shop (as soon as the shop goes live)

Investment: £300 (can be split into two monthly payments of £150)



If you want to experience this unique eight week course and come alongside me on an individual basis you can! 

This is for you if you prefer private monthly calls and messaging and want to keep it 100% personal.

What's included?

In addition to the standard course materials this package allows you to:

  • Choose a start date to suit you

  • Book a special hour-long welcome call as part of your first week

  • Access two 30 minute weekly Zoom calls 

  • Get in touch with me throughout the week via WhatsApp 

  • Receive 15% off any purchase on the Blessed Before You’re Dressed shop (as soon as the shop goes live )

Investment: £500 (can be split into two monthly payments of £250)


Looking for something even more tailored? That’s an option too. 

This is for you if you want to discuss other encouragement options and experience a very personalised approach.

What's included?

  • Select the topics you want to cover in more detail

  • Choose the amount of Whatsapp support you’d like

  • Pick how many personal Zoom calls you’d like each month

  • Choose the duration you’d like to sign up for (min of 2 months)

  • 20% off any purchase on the Blessed Before You’re Dressed shop (as soon as the shop goes live)

Investment: As it’s custom built just for you the price will be too!


Having completed a course with me you might like some follow on support. This package gives you that option.

What's included?

Building on the work you’ve already done I’ll be there to ensure you continue to stay focused by supplying you with:

  • Weekly affirmations and encouragement (e.g. memes, images, quotes)

  • Quarterly Journal prompts 

  • Whatsapp check-in and dialogue once every two weeks

  • Opportunity to upgrade to get a 30-minute call however often you need it (additional £25)

  • 3,6,12 month options available 

Investment: £30 per month

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