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How a Pinterest manager can analyse your Pinterest accounts performance

In this blog post edition of the “What does a Pinterest manager actually do….?” series our attention turns to Pinterest analytics.

As with all marketing, measurement is key!

Just like you would review how your LinkedIn posts, FB posts and tweets are performing and which are getting the most engagement the same principle applies.

Looking at your analytics is an important part of the Pinterest management process as it helps shape the future of your Pinterest strategy.

By analysing your analytics every month you’ll be able to identify which types of content that you posted in the previous month are getting the best engagements from your audience and the type of content that they actually want.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it has its own analytics tab built into all business accounts. This means you have the option of really knowing exactly how well your Pinterest account is performing if you know how to extract the information and then know what to do with it.

As a Pinterest manager I complete a monthly Pinterest analytics report for clients and use this to help shape what to share in the future. It’s my job to use the analytics in order to identify:

1. TOP-LINE INFORMATION like impressions, total audience and engaged audience to gauge how Pinterest users are reacting to your current pins (posts).

Don’t be put off by the technical terms. Here’s what they mean:

· Impressions refers to the numbers of those who have seen your posts (even if only as they are scrolling for a milli second)

· Total audience refers to the number of people who are actually looking at them.

· Engaged audience is the unique number of people who have reacted in some way to your pins.

Your engaged audience figures can tell you:

1.How many times your pin has been enlarged to see it in more detail

2.The number of times a pin has been saved

3.How many website visits you got

2.How DIFFERENT SEASONS affect the way your content is consumed

By reviewing your Pinterest accounts on a monthly basis you can start to build a picture of how people are reacting to your pins month by month but it also helps to use all the data to assess how different seasons and times of the year affect how your content is consumed by looking at longer length patterns and periods. You can then tweak what you post depending on what time of year it is.

3.The TYPES of CONTENT to share and WHEN

From the analytics gathered you can delve deeper into which pins (posts) are getting you the best engagement at what time of year.

The key is to then use this information to drive your Pinterest content strategy in terms of the types of content and how you are illustrating it ( I talk about that more here ) and when to schedule it (learn more about scheduling) . For example, you can review exactly how well each Pinterest pin graphic has performed (using impressions, saves and clicks) and follow a similar approach going forward.

I’d love to get your thoughts on the article and feel free to ask more questions if you have them. Pop in the comments or message me directly on Inmail and we can discuss there.

If even the word analytics simply overwhelms you or you don’t have the time to jump into your analytics it might be the right time to get in touch with me? I’d love to help manage your Pinterest account or support you with your analytics. Get in touch so we can book in some time to discuss.

You can also checkout prices and services

In the blog post series finale we’ll be reviewing how Pinterest managers use workflows to make sure everything is getting done. Look forward to sharing it with you!

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