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Start with YOU right here!

Updated: Apr 19

In this blog post, I’ll share how you can come alongside me and the amazing Jo Thackwray to put the focus on YOU and invest in a course that will hugely impact your life.

I’ve completed the course myself and have also been part of follow-on courses in my Professional Encourager capacity.

It’s amazing how monthly calls and regular check-ins with a group can flip perspectives and support personal growth.

The course looks at all areas of your life and allows you to spend time developing positive strategies to support you every day.

It’s funny because I knew within a few minutes of meeting Jo I would somehow work with her and that she’d become a key person in my life! I’ve done a whole host of her courses, experienced 2 vision board sessions, taken part in two wellbeing days and she’s been there to help me with some really important decisions. So to get the opportunity to work with her in a professional capacity is just incredible.

Professional Encourager Zoë Bishop and Life Coach Jo Thackwray
Professional Encourager Zoë Bishop and Life Coach Jo Thackwray

So here’s what we’re offering...

You can be part of a unique 6-month online mini-life audit course where you put the focus on YOU! Here’s what you’ll be able to concentrate on each month:

💌Setting intentions values & purpose 

🍎Health & wellbeing 

🏠Family, Friends & Homelife

💼Career & Finances

🌞Positivity & Gratitude

🎉Reflections &  Celebrations  

Here’s how it works…

  • You and 3 others will be part of a monthly Zoom meeting scheduled for 12.30pm-2.00pm on the first Tuesday of each month starting on Tuesday 7th May 2024, finishing with a reflections and celebration call on Tuesday 1st October 2024

  • Led by positivity coach Jo and supported by me in my Professional Encourager capacity we’ll discuss the monthly topic using Mentimeter as a springboard to kick-start conversations and thoughts.

  • You’ll be part of a unique course attendee group (likely to be hosted on either LinkedIn or FB) to promote accountability and growth

  • You’ll get sent weekly messages of encouragement via Whatsapp to brighten up your day and support you on your journey

Positive vibes to kick start your day!
Positive vibes to kick start your day!

Here’s how you’ll feel after completing the course based on existing clients' experiences…

“Uplifted after every call.”

“Accountable and encouraged to take action.”

“A sense of togetherness and solidarity.”

“Jo and Zoë have an amazing way of helping you take time for yourself and supporting you in implementing small practical steps that make a BIG difference.”

"This course is excellent! Both Jo and Zoë are inspirational coaches/encouragers. There is nobody better to be on a journey with."

The only investment you’ll need to make is…

A once-off payment of £370 or 6 monthly instalments of £62, plus the time and commitment to make maximum impact.

Make that right now by booking your place here:  Stripe payment link 

There are only 4 spaces available on this course (a minimum of 2 participants required) and the booking deadline is Friday 3rd May. So don’t leave it too long to decide. If you have any questions or want to select the monthly installments option please get in touch.

We’re also delighted to be able to offer this course to corporate clients who may be interested in signing up your teams/employees. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.

2 amazing mentors!

6 awesome months!

25 weekly doses of encouragement!

You won’t find this unique opportunity anywhere else! 


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