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How to manage multiple SME clients: 6 tips to stay on track and be organised

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

In today's hectic world we’re always juggling and spinning about a thousand plates at a time (or is that just me?).

Most weeks I’m usually working for at least 3 different SME clients supporting them with their Pinterest business accounts, content writing or general marketing management, and of course I’m responsible for Torchlight Marketing’s too.

I’ve learnt a few tips a long the way which I just wanted to share.

Whether you’re an SME in charge of your own marketing or have a variety of different clients to manage all at the same time here’s what helps me to stay focused, on track and organised:

1. Plan out the times you’re going to be working with each client at the start of the week and list the key tasks that are essential. Don’t be tempted to stray unless something urgent comes up.

2. Use a project management tool to keep track of each client ( I use Asana projects to separate out each client I work with) and the different elements you are managing e.g. in my case I have different board lists for website, content strategy or social platform. I also use workflows to help me and the reoccurring feature to plot in daily/weekly/monthly tasks.

3. Call me old fashioned but I occasionally like to write down my ideas, especially when I’m in a creative thinking space or brainstorming! So I have a separate note pad for each client which I have alongside me when working.

4. As a marketing consultant I write lots of copy, whether that’s for websites, social media posts, emails, case studies or pin titles and descriptions so it’s important for me to jump in to my clients ideal customers shoes and think like them. For each client I’ve developed a ‘Key things to always remember for Company X’ document which includes:

· top keywords relating to products/services/ industry

· buyer persona traits for each target audience category

· the specific problems/painpoints my clients solve and alleviate

I make sure I have this on display and read it before commencing any work just so I’m in the zone.

5. Keep to what’s been agreed with the client (whether that’s monitoring the number of hours you’re contracted to work or a specific task you are working for them on and need to complete in a certain time frame) but don’t forget to show a bit of flexibility and adaptability from time to time. A social media post response in relation to a specific product/service query that takes you 10 minutes over your allocated time could be worth a lot more to your client, and potentially allow the client to keep you on board.

And finally for me particularly ….

6. Don’t ignore your own marketing. Plot in all your own marketing strategies and treat your business like a client and make sure you’re allocating some hours to spend on this.

If you’re struggling to manage your own marketing on top of looking after all your own clients perhaps you need my help?

I help businesses with Pinterest account management, content writing and marketing management and would love to help you achieve your marketing goals. Get in touch so we can discuss what you need and how I can help.

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