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Now firmly in the copywriting space

Ok, yes I admit it, I haven’t blogged for a while….

And yes I tell clients how amazing blogs are, how they can really offer value to ideal clients, help with traffic generation, give Google, Pinterest and LI the fresh content they crave and whole heartedly advocate that blogging has a place in the hearts of all small business owners who want a strong online presence....

BUT there is method in my madness! Having what I can only describe as the most intense 6 months of my life having moved half way across the country, trying to homeschool, run a business and being there for my husband and daughters during a global pandemic (sorry had to mention it) I needed to take stock. Re-evaluate the direction of Torchlight Marketing and just take some time out to slowly acclimatise to my new life and quite frankly rest before I completely BURNT OUT.

I came to the realisation that I wanted to niche down to offering just copywriting services. Having been lucky enough to work on a number of client copywriting projects (for emails, websites and LinkedIn posts) I realised it was here that I felt most at home and really enjoyed what I was doing. And after being given a task of writing down all the copywriting tasks I’d ever done for clients and previous employers by my business coach it was like my Torchlight moment all over again!! In front of me was a complete list of my 20+ years in creating copy. Not only was my mentor like WOW, so was I. You kind of forget what you’ve done until you write it all down. It was a huge self confidence boost and confirmed the copywriting space was where I should be.

So, with the direction of Torchlight Marketing changing I felt I wasn’t in the right mind space to be attracting the right kind of ideal clients so took a complete break from creating Pinterest content, writing blog posts and LinkedIn posts. My messaging wasn’t clear in my own head so how could I get that across to my target audience? It took a lot of courage to stop completely and not give myself the guilt trip of not showing up on social, not writing anything but I know it was the right decision.

So for the past few months I’ve been re-working my packages, services and basically realigning and redeveloping my own business strategy and am now in a much better place to start engaging with more ideal clients who are interested in having their own marketing copy partner and offloading the copy tasks that sap your time. My website obviously looks a little different and my packages are now solely focused on what I can do best for your business.

I’d love to add some Torchlight magic to your copy whether that’s your website, Linked In or FB posts, Pinterest pins and boards or help you tell those all important marketing stories to show your ideal clients what you are capable of.

I now feel like I’m ready to come out of my little Torchlight Cave that I’ve been beavering away in so I look forward to seeing you over on LinkedIn or Pinterest and creating copy you and your customers are going to love.

Thanks for listening and staying with me. Here’s to a summer of fired up copy that really converts for SMEs.

Hop over here to see how my services can help you or book a 15 minute chat so we can talk through they types of copywriting support you’re interested in.


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