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Why I think Pinterest is such a great platform for businesses

Back in 2018 I was asked by a client to look into #Pinterest as a platform and get them a presence on there. Having completed a basic module on it as part of a wider marketing online Udemy course I knew the fundamentals so got to work. Little did I know it would help shape the future direction of my own business!

Some key things I learned from the outset were:

1)    #Pinterest is a visual search engine and wants to give users the content they are looking for

2)    People on Pinterest are pro-active and are searching to either PLAN something, BUY something or DO something

3)    Users are very early on in their PLAN, BUY, DO process so your brand can get to know ideal clients right from the start of their journey

And my favourite analogy about Pinterest was something my Pinterest Guru and business mentor #KathrynMoorhouse said:

“If Google and Instagram had a baby it would be called Pinterest” which really helps explain what the platform is capable of and its place in our digital world.

Whilst completing my clients profile I suddenly found myself slightly addicted to Pinterest and wanting to get the most out of it for my client so started to pull together lots of tips and info on Pinterest strategy and how to utilise the platform to get maximum output. On my journey I virtually met Pinterest Strategist and Educator Kathryn Moorhouse and made the decision to sign up to her Pinterest Gameplan (one of the best business investment decisions I ever made). One of the first things she tells you is that the key to a successful Pinterest account is consistently pinning and being committed.

So as with anything it takes hard work and TIME. Utilising Pinterest for business isn’t just a quick set up job but you get out what you put in! This is often the one thing SME owners don’t have a lot of so if it’s something you’re considering or just want to find out a bit more about using Pinterest for your business I’d love to discuss with you and offer my feedback.

And my final thought on why I think Pinterest is such a great marketing tool is this: Pinterest is the platform that allows businesses to positively promote website clicks. They don’t have an issue with you being led away from the platform. I'm reading lots at the moment about how other networks often encourage you to stay within their platform to boost engagement

algorithms) but the joy of Pinterest is that your pins are designed to promote clicking on your website and connect it’s users with ideal providers to help solve their problems….

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