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4 reasons to use your skills for the greater good

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Even before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit, I realised the huge benefit of using my marketing skills for organisations and causes I’m passionate about.

I wanted to share my experiences and highlight how volunteering my time to offer marketing support has not only given back to the community but how it has also helped my marketing business Torchlight Marketing.

I currently sit on the Communications team for Union Baptist Church in High Wycombe and am also part of the new Run the Rock race committee in my local village (Stokenchurch, Bucks).

Both are things I’m really passionate about – promoting the gospel and church life together with fitness and bringing the local village community together.

Here are 4 things I’ve learnt from the process:

1)    Using your skill set for something you really believe in MAKES you FEEL GOOD!

You can offer a truly valuable service that a non-profit organisation wouldn’t normally be able to afford, and because there is no monetary value attached to it, emotionally you are really connected which is a fantastic motivator. Hearing about the impact you’ve helped create is also priceless:

"Having Zoë on the Communications team was invaluable. The expertise, contacts, enthusiasm and drive she brought to the table really helped us as we ran projects to improve and expand our marketing efforts. Zoë has so many ideas and her passion helped projects to be completed far more quickly and efficiently than expected. She is great to work with."
Katie Todor, Communications Deacon: March 2016-May 2020, Union Baptist Church

2)   Your time DOES make a difference

This could be both financially for a specific cause or individually for those who may benefit from an event you’re putting on.

For example, on a monetary level profits made from Run the Rock races go back to the community and are shared by local charities. And on an individual level, local children can participate in a fun outdoor activity that promotes fitness and being active.

Run the Rock Chairwoman Hazel Hanley says:

“There’s a volunteering role for everyone out there and it feels great to make a difference. We hope that Run the Rock will continue to slowly and gently enrich lives in ways great and small and were delighted to have Zoë's help with gaining new sponsors and other marketing activities. She helped us specifically with content writing for emails, social media posts, articles and blog posts. Her expertise in this area was of great value and although we weren’t able to run the event this year we have learnt a huge amount and already have a lot to use again when we come to promote the 2021 races.”

3)    Demonstrates your company has VALUES which gives your BRAND POSITIVE CONNOTATIONS

Giving something back could be something that gets noticed by ideal clients and gives you a unique USP when up against competitors. It might also attract prospects with similar interests and give you a common ground to begin discussions.

4)    Your involvement opens up so many OPPORTUNITIES for you and your business.

In a way, this is like business karma. I’ve often found when you give something back you get something back too. It’s not the reason you do it, but it is a reaction that naturally follows. Here are a few examples:


You meet lots of new people from all walks of life which allows you to grow your contacts list


As more people discover what you do, they share with their contacts. I’ve had a couple of examples where people have got in touch with me through various committee members having recommended my services.


It adds a different angle to post about on your social media channels and can help showcase your skills to potential ideal clients


You can request valuable testimonials and use the skills you’ve used as examples in job pitches or on your LinkedIn profile.


Non profit organisations often get access to a whole host of funded training courses. Through being on the Communications Team at Union Baptist Church I’ve done an online FB advertising course, website for churches course and attended the Premier Praise Digital conference.


I recently picked up a website copy and management project from a new client who had seen my content on LI but had also seen some of the marketing projects I’d worked on for Union Baptist Church.

I hope this article has made you think a little bit more about using your own skills for the greater good.

Find out more about the work I’ve done for Union Baptist Church

If you’d like to learn more about how Torchlight Marketing can help your business with marketing support, I’d love to hear from you.

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