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Announcing my new Torchlight Encourager Packages with you!

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It’s a new year, a fresh start and the perfect time to let you know about the new direction I’m headed in. 

Over the last few months of 2023, I’ve been developing something new. A programme I truly believe can make a difference to others using the gifts I’ve been given.

I haven't just gone out on a whim! I’ve listened to feedback and come up with a unique way of utilising my natural ability to encourage.

I’ve packaged up everything I’ve learnt over the past five years so you can access a structured support mechanism to ensure your life is full of consistency, intentionality, gratitude and self-love.

My brand new eight-week Torchlight Encourager programme - Ignite Your Life gives you the unique opportunity to come alongside me and learn more about the power of:

  1. ✔️CONSISTENCY and the role it plays in life and why it’s so important

  2.  👍 BEING INTENTIONAL and the difference it can make in your life

  3. 🙏GRATITUDE and how it can impact your outlook

  4. 🗨️SELF TALK and how to silence your inner critic

  5. 💜LOVING YOURSELF and how to take time out to work on yourself without feeling guilty

  6. 😴RESTING & PAUSING to confidently take time out and listen to your body

  7. ⏰TIME & HABITS so you can stop being the victim of time 

  8. 🪞REFLECTING & CELEBRATING  understanding how this practice encourages you to grow as a person

I’ve written the course specifically for you if you:

  • Lack consistency, focus and self-confidence

  • Want and need regular doses of positivity and inspiration

  • Constantly compare yourself with others instead of focusing on YOU

  • Use time as an excuse not to do certain things

  • Want to make an investment that you’ll be able to utilise for the rest of your life

  • Want to devote time to themselves after a lifetime of caring for others

You’ll be able to work on all the above drawing inspiration from: 

  • 8 'Weekly Spark' emails delivered to your inbox every Sunday evening

  • 8 'Fire Up' encouragement videos focusing on the weekly lesson to access and play at the beginning of the week or whenever you want

  • 8 sets of Journal prompts to use daily across your (working) week

  • Zoom calls where you can discuss and share more on the current theme

  • WhatsApp check-in for continued support

  • Over 30 affirmation statements to support your 8 week journey

  • 8 x inspirational lesson-based quotes shared digitally with you

  • 6 x worksheets/exercises to get you to think further about this week's lesson

  • A5 notebook welcome gift

  • 10% off any purchase on the Blessed Before You’re Dressed shop (as soon as the shop goes live in April 2024)

  • Access to the Graduate Torchlight Encouragement Follow up Programme exclusively for those who have completed the first course

 and by the end of the course feel:

✅More Confident

✅More Positive


✅Empowered to re-frame negativity


✅Proud of YOURSELF 

And of course…


You can choose to do the programme individually or as part of a group.


Group programmes will run on these dates in 2024:

🗓️7th July 2024

🗓️15th September 2024

This is for you if you like to learn in a group environment and want to share your journey with others ( maximum of 4 per group). The weekly call will take place on the same day at a time that suits all participants.


If you want to experience this unique course and come alongside me on an individual basis you can! This is for you if you prefer private monthly calls and messaging and want to keep it 100% personal. You’ll be able to choose a start date to suit you and there's more flexibility in when you would like to access the twice weekly 30-minute Zoom calls. You’ll also be able to get in touch with me throughout the week via WhatsApp (Biz account).


If you're looking for something even more tailored and want to experience a very personalised service where you build your own package that's an option too.

I’ve been blessed enough to have started my journey already and be the 'Official Encourager' for Jo Thackwray’s '5 Ways to Wellbeing Programme' which has been running since November 2023.

Here’s a testimonial from a participant who’s experienced my encouragement first-hand:

"Zoë's encouragement has been so impactful to my life.  Her thought-provoking prompts stay with me throughout the week and her mid-week encouragement, inspiring quotes and encouraging video messages all help me stay on track to become consistent in creating habits for a better me.  Taking the time to help me grow and understand myself better is the best investment I can make.  I highly recommend Zoë's encourager programme to anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves." Linda

I also wanted to share some other comments that have helped me affirm I’m now in the right place and that people have truly benefited from my unique support. 

“I wish I could have you as my positivity coach Zoë and carry you around in my pocket.” Julie

This comment was the light bulb moment in realising I did have something special that I wanted everyone to be able to access.

“You’re such a positive force." Angela 

“You continue to inspire me." Ann

"I’ve got so much out of speaking to you this weekend Zoë, thank you." Paula

 "You are the kind of mentor everyone needs in their life!" Calvin

"Gosh Zoë! You are SUCH an encouragement! Thank you!" Cathy

At this moment in time, I’ve decided to move away from the wellness copywriting side of my business as I believe Professional Encouragement is where it’s at for me right now. 

But I don’t want to lose my Torchlight identity because it’s part of me and my journey. It’s also a great metaphor for shining the light on your life!  You’ll see some subtle changes to my branding over the coming year but my website will continue to stay the same for the time being as I transition into this new phase of my career.

As a natural encourager and optimist, I bring 35 years of lived experiences and a toolbox of proven wellbeing practices together to offer a unique eight-week encouragement and personal growth programme. It’s already impacted so many people so now I’m making it stand alone and am offering something you can access.

If you're interested but want to know exactly what's included and the investment required hop over to my Encourager Programmes page.

If you’d like to chat with me and explore the course in more detail let’s book a time to talk.

If you'd like to fill your feed with positive content please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Or if you just want to send me a good old email you can.

Feel free to snoop around here too and check out these links:

You can get the best out of every day and the season of life you’re in! 

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