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How a Pinterest manager can schedule your Pinterest pins for you.

Just like on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram it can be overwhelming remembering what to post when, in order to keep things manageable and on track.

Pinterest is no different and with the platform encouraging business accounts to post at least 5-10 times a day scheduling your Pinterest pins is a must.

**Don’t be alarmed by this figure! This is NOT posting 5-10 brand new blogs or podcasts a day! It is 5-10 post (pin) images that have been created for the existing content you share. I wrote all about this and how a Pinterest Manager can support this process in my previous blog post.

Scheduling your Pinterest pins (posts) allows you to plan out the whole month ahead and re-share your content in the best and most effective way possible.

As a Pinterest manager I help clients with this process by:

1) Linking the Pinterest business account to relevant scheduling software (for example I use Tailwind)

I can help make this happen easily and connect your Pinterest account with limited fuss thereby saving you valuable time.

2) Using the scheduler to strategically schedule in new Pinterest posts that audiences won’t have seen before in line with your overall marketing strategy.

Scheduling software allows you to save brand new posts (known as pins) to multiple boards on different days using an interval feature.

3) Using the scheduling software to reshare the pins that have been created, on to your other boards where relevant.

Remembering which pin you’ve shared to where can often be confusing so using a scheduling tool can really help to manage this process and keep everything consistent. It’s also a great tool to help with your distribution and get seen by more users.

4) Scheduling pins at times when you know your ideal clients are on the platform

Scheduling tools are great at telling you when the best time to post your pins is. By using a scheduler I can make sure your pins are being seen at the most optimum time.

As with all schedulers they help save you TIME. But if you haven’t got time to learn how to use a new scheduling tool or it just fills you with dread it could be worth hiring a Pinterest manager to do your scheduling for you.

I’d love your thoughts and feedback on this topic, or if you’ve got any specific questions about scheduling on Pinterest let me know! It would be a pleasure to answer them. Drop them in the comments or get in touch.

Maybe this article made you think about using a scheduling tool if you aren’t already? Or have you signed up to one but you just don’t have the time to make it work for you? I’d love to hear from you: so we can schedule some time to talk through your current situation.

Alternatively check out our Pinterest Management services

Or perhaps you’ve never considered Pinterest as a platform for your business but you’d like to know a bit more about it? Feel free to contact me to book a discovery call or view our new account set up service which is aimed specifically at those businesses who aren’t yet utilising Pinterest.

The next blog in the series will be focusing on how Pinterest managers can analyse your Pinterest accounts performance. Don’t miss it!

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