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Writing and reflecting at my happy place

I have a special spot where I often come to write. I’m so lucky to be able to down tools, jump on my bike and pedal down to Wetherby town centre to sit by the river Wharfe. You'll find me there with a pad and pink pen! Looking at a screen all day can be draining so when I can I escape down here.

I’ve got an old Madonna album playing on my headphones. One of those albums you forget about until you come across it again (it’s Confessions on a Dance Floor in case you’re interested).

I’m reflecting on the past few months and how I’m really settling into my Yorkshire groove and loving my new copywriting focus.

I’ve worked on some fantastic projects over the past few months. Pinterest copy, case study writing, website copy, LinkedIn posts, and leaflet text for a whole host of different businesses and organisations.

I’ve loved helping each unique client to communicate with their target audiences and use words to show what their products and services have to offer, in particular the outcomes they help achieve.

As any small business owner would say, it’s important to focus on your business and take time out to review where you’re at. I also want to take my own advice and keep my content fresh and insightful.

One thing I’m really enjoying (and is one of my 2021 goals) is using LinkedIn to engage with other local Yorkshire businesses and seeing what is on my doorstep. There’s no hidden agenda or pushy sales tactics, it's simply about researching the other types of businesses that reside in the local area and getting to know new people.

It’s already led to an upcoming in-person coffee chat with a new contact who’s in a similar situation having also moved up north from down south. So I’m really looking forward to that.

I’m also having fun sharing posts that are relevant to my business life and posting what’s working for me as a business owner in the copywriting space. It’s also a great space to be able to celebrate others' achievements and embrace tips and advice from those in a similar field.

I wanted to mention a bit more about Renew HG1, the mental health initiative I’ve recently been involved with through my church in Harrogate. It's a joy to put my gifts to good use and I’m loving using Mondays for this purpose. As well as helping with the initial session plans I’ve also supported the project team with a variety of copywriting tasks including website copy, leaflet text, and an information PDF document for social prescribers to help get the word out there.

It’s been good to get all this down and I hope I’ve inspired you to try and get away from your desk!


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