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Sharing my New Wellness Focus with You

A year ago I made the commitment to niche down from being a marketing generalist

and Pinterest Manager to specialising in copywriting.

12 months later I’m switching things up again. Following a fabulous vision board session with positivity coach Jo Thackwray, I’ve finally realised where I need to be! I want to combine my passion for positivity, gratitude, fitness, journaling, mindfulness, and health & wellbeing with my copywriting skills.

So I’m niching down to specifically work with businesses, charities, and not-for-profit organisations that operate in the wellness sector, and promote health and wellbeing through the services and products that they offer.

It’s something I’ve been battling with ever since I went 100% freelance for Torchlight Marketing back in 2019. Who should I serve? Who do I want to work with? Which industry can I add the most value to?

The answer finally came to me a few weeks ago in the middle of a vision board session. But looking back I can see patterns forming and the different parts of my professional and personal life through the years all working together, pointing towards the wellness sector. I now know it’s where I feel most comfortable and want to be.

I’d love to share how my experiences have helped me come to understand the audience I really want to serve. So I’ve pinpointed 5 key areas that have really stood out to me. I hope you’ll be inspired by them and encouraged by learning more about my story.


Working for Renew HG1 and being part of such a wonderful initiative that promotes emotional & mental wellbeing for those living in and around Harrogate has been fantastic. As part of my remit, I’ve been in charge of all our communications writing copy for our website page, printed and digital leaflets, emails, and LinkedIn posts for our company page.

I’ve loved every second and have met some amazing and inspirational people by taking up this role. It’s been a real joy to create impactful copy for Renew HG1 and watch the space grow and make a difference in the lives of those who come to our sessions. It’s made me want more of the same and the opportunity to help similar organisations shape their messaging!


Last month I shared my insights on the benefits of investing in yourself. Writing this blog post made me appreciate how much I love interacting and learning from connections who share similar values and want to help you grow as a person. I’m looking forward to connecting with more like-minded people so if you are a big believer in the power of positivity, gratitude, self-belief, growth mindset, and mindfulness I’d be thrilled to be part of your network.


Looking back at my career my work has often been with charities or businesses that promote health (Coeliac UK), sport (Fulham Football Club Foundation, London Irish RFC), and wellbeing (Renew HG1). I’m keen to work with similar organisations going forward and utilise my copywriting skills. It would be a pleasure to hear more about your wellness business, charity, or not-for-profit organisation.


It’s a privilege to be a Brand Ambassador for the productivity journal company Inspire Now. Niching down to focus more on the wellness space gives me more opportunities to work on promoting the life-changing journal to more people.


There’s nothing like drawing on lived experiences and supporting others by sharing what’s helped you. Just recently, I’ve had a lot of friends and contacts call me inspirational in terms of the way I live my life. I’d never really thought of myself as ‘inspirational’ but the more I think about it the more I understand what they mean and I take it as a huge compliment.

From an early age, I’ve always had a real passion for staying fit, eating well, having a positive outlook on life, being organised, and appreciating what I have. This coupled with on-the-job learning as a Mum and small business owner plus more recently enlisting the help of professional coaches (business strategy & mindset, mindfulness, positivity) I’ve been able to consistently share with others how I’m living my best life and the successful strategies I’ve adopted.

Being a small business owner you’re constantly developing, changing, and evolving your business. You learn from each client and each experience which in turn helps shape the direction you are headed.

I’m no longer rigidly compartmentalising the three areas of work I used to keep separate. I’m blending them together and using all my professional and lived experiences to help those in the wellness sector connect with the audiences they want to attract.

If you fall into one of these categories I’d love to be part of your network and find out more about you.

🔹Positivity Champions

🔹Gratitude Ambassadors

🔹Wellbeing Coaches

🔹Happiness Coaches

🔹Life Coaches

🔹Journaling Advocates

🔹Fitness Instructors

🔹Mindfulness Practitioners

🔹Motivational Speakers

🔹Health & Wellbeing Organisations/Charities

You can connect with me here on LinkedIn, Pinterest or simply send me an email ( so we can get to know each other.

If virtual calls are your thing I’d love to e-meet you. Please get in touch so we can arrange it.

Just want to know a little bit more about me? That’s fine. You can find that in my about section on my website or on LinkedIn.

I can’t wait to hear from you soon.


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